Monday, April 20, 2009

Australia and back to snowy Canada

Last time I blogged I was on my way to Australia from New Zealand. Flew into Melbourne where apparently they feel the need to warn you about spontaneous dancing? Hmm.

Had some great flying at the newly enlarged launch of Corry
ong in the Australian alps. Fairly near the more famous paragliding destination of Bright. I reckon it'll be quite popular, light valley winds and we did 45 and 60km triangles at the Victoria Serial Series.

After that it was off to Manilla via brief stops in Canberra and Sydney. Nice cities but not what I came here for. The photo above is what I came here for! Lots of good flying for the first couple of weeks I was there. Got over a 100km but no personal best distances. Luckily for us we were inbetween flooding up north and fires down south. Predictably it was bad weather for the xcopen competition. After that it was good wx again and I got my best flight a 99.9km triangle! Great day out with friends, we had planned it before launching and we flew in a mini gaggle and stayed in touch on the radio. Sweet to fly to the end of the day with a big long final glide in the evening air.
Bit of flying at Killarney and then it was time to head home.

Back in Canada the snow was still coming down and in fact the best part of our snowfall happened late. Got a half dozen good days of ski mountaineering in. The flying season is happening at the same time so you have to look at the conditions and decide which looks best. Tough life!

Looking forward to getting over to the alps though. And hopefully the weather and schedules will allow Tom and I together to see more of the course up close. Seeing it on maps and the computer is not the same.